Z Burning Mutineers

At the Tiller

1st Session

The ‘Officers’ of the “Wizard’s Sleeve” were lounging at Maude’s, nursing a grog they could barely afford. They had been lamenting the death of “Captain” Erasmus, killed by ‘The Itch’, when word came of the new Viceroy’s decree:

Acts of Piracy are hereby banned in the Vice-royalty of Naqoura. Acts of Piracy are punishable by Death. Any Captain with sufficient desire to Harass and Make War upon the Askuite should present themselves to the Viceroyal Representatives to seek a Letter of Marque with which to pursue legitimate aggression as Royal Agents.

They soon learned that their rivals on the “Sprinter” had set sail for Naqoura, seeking said Letter of Marque. After a short discussion, the “Wizard’s Sleeve” set sail for Naqoura as well. Fair weather, and a skilled handling of the ship saw them in Naqoura faster than ever before.

The new Viceroy, Santorum, was an unknown, and seemingly both ambitious and harsh. And as if Santorum and the “Sprinter” weren’t trouble enough, The Perkine’s, a merchant-noble family of some influence, were enraged that the ‘Officers’ of the “Wizard’s Sleeve” still sailed in their stolen ship…

Once arriving in Naqoura, the “Officers” split up, each to their own affairs.

Hayduke wandering Naqoura-town, went in search of blackmarket firearms suppliers, to no avail.

Corwin tried approaching the Viceroy, seeking support in action against Captain Klinga and the “Sprinter”, but was thwarted by bureaucratic shenanigans. He also discovered that Letters of Marque were quite expensive, especially for such poor, young, mutineers.

Timmy, meanwhile, sought out his cousin Renny, Master of Harbours for Naqoura, seeking information on sunken cargoes, perhaps lost in the harbour. They shared a glass of wine, and chatted for a while. Renny claimed to know of no specific, large treasures, recently lost in the harbour.

Speculum spent time supping with his friend, Lt. Dilbo, a munitions officer, and together, they counted chairs. After dinner, Speculum availed himself of the Harbour Fort’s workshop and crafted a sizeable bomb.

Later that night Timmy snuck up on the “Sprinter”, and having borrowed Speculum’s awl, proceeded to bore a hole in their rudder, sabotaging the lower gudgeon. Undetected, he swum back to the ship.

Hayduke went up to the Viceroyal palace, seeking information on bounties to fulfill, and learned of “The Behemoth”, wanted for piracy.

Corwin, meanwhile, went looking for easy marks; he spent some time running a short con, unfortunately offending the wrong man, and ending up being banned from the gaming house, “The Twisted Eel”.

The next day, Timmy found a case of wine while swimming under the Naqoura docks… Maybe fortunes were looking up!

“The Wizard’s Sleeve” prepared to set sail for the Broken Tooth Coast, hoping to find an inconspicuous cove to moor in, given the need to disappear for a time. The journey through the Broken Teeth was harrowing, but all played their part in locating a quiet, shallow cove, with a sweet stream flowing down to the shore.



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