Z Burning Mutineers

Finding Refuge

2nd Session

As the ‘Officers’ of “The Wizard’s Sleeve” were planning to go ashore and explore the hidden cove they had found, one of the ship’s crew challenged their authority. Darius Trivetti, playing to the rest of the crew, suggested the ‘Officers’ had no clue what they were doing, and they would all be better off if they sold the ship and went their separate ways.

Corwin responded to Darius’s assertions and a great argument ensued. Insults were traded back and forth, including the suggestion that Darius had innapropriate relations with goats… Eventually Corwin destroyed Darius’s argument and support amongst the crew. The ‘Officers’ appeased Darius by compromising, and offering to drop him off at the next port the encountered.

Timmy had noticed evidence of a wreck among the rocky shoals at the entrance to the cove, and dove down looking for anything of use. He did indeed find a shipwreck, and evidence that it had once held cannons of some kind, however the cannons were no longer attached to the ship, nor on the sea floor nearby.

The ‘Officers’ then decided to explore the shore and hills near the cove. Soon after making landfall they ran into a large angry bear among the vegetation in the estuary. Deciding that going toe to toe with the bear would be a needles risk, they gave it a wide berth and headed farther inland.

Up in the hills the group discovered an old, ramshackle fort, seemingly guarded by some humanoid silhouette upon the walls. The tried calling out to the denizens of the fort, to no avail. They also noticed a pair of cannon upon the walls as well…

Attempting to stealthily gain access to the Fort, the ‘Officers’ managed to disturb the denizens within, provoking conflict. Said denizens turned out to be 4 walking corpses! The corpses shambled out towards the group, who proceeded to summarily dispatch them, taking only minor scrapes and bruises in the process. They also found one of the corpses to be wearing a fine jeweled bracelet. Further investigation lead them to find evidence of an ancient battle between humans and the indigenous Lacertans, as well as evidence of a Lacertan ritual.

Within the fort the group found a small blockhouse, two Culverins, and a chart of the surrounding ‘Broken Teeth’ coastal waters. Inside the blockhouse the group found the opening to a network of caves. Exploring this, they almost lost Speculum when he almost fell down a cliff. At the bottom of the cave network they found a sealed stone cover, protected by the power of the Bifurcated One. They realized they’d need a Priest’s help to discover what lay beyond.



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