Z Burning Mutineers

Seeking Fortune

3rd Session

The ‘Officers’ of “The Wizard’s Sleeve” were feeling encouraged after finding a secure refuge and some salvageable cannons. Their first order of business was to get the Cannons mounted up on the ship. Speculum took charge and crafted a cart for transporting the Culverins down to the cove and then successfully mounted them, one on each aft quarter of the ship. He then proceeded to clean them up, and test fired them both; smashing a couple of barrels to smithereens!

The ‘Officers’ decided to keep up their end of the Bargain with Darius Trivetti, and proceeded to make way towards a pirate cove known to Hayduke. On their way through the treacherous Broken Teeth, however, they ran into a sunken rock and punctured the hull of the ship. They quickly patched the hole, and found a nearby beach upon which they could effect more substantial repairs.

Speculum was able to mend the damage, but it did take a few days of effort. Nonetheless, they eventually arrived at Peg’s Revenge, where they were able to send Darius on his way, with Timmy’s salvaged crate of wine, to sweeten the deal.

Speculum then used some of the groups salvaged coin to provide the crew of “The Wizard’s Sleeve” with a feast, getting them all well fed and inebriated. This only further impressed the crew with what a good choice they had all made to ignore Darius’ nonsense.

The ‘Officers’ looked up some old contacts around Peg’s Revenge, seeking information on a variety of things. Timmy was most immediately successful, discovering 5 potential locations to scavenge shipwrecks. Unfortunately, upon leaving Peg’s Revenge, none of the shipwreck locations seemed to provide any significant loot. The group did however have a lovely sailing vacation to various treacherous stretches of coastline…



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